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OMG IT’S THE iPAD2!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by putsimply on 3rd March 2011

Was I the only one yesterday distinctly underwhelmed by the latest iPad? Or was it more that all of the internet seemed to be falling over itself with excitement, running loads of articles and blogs speculating on what it might be, only to discover it’s a bit thinner and quicker. Oh and it includes a couple of cameras – something the Guardian’s Jemima Kiss points out they really should have done in the first place.  Twitter at one point looked like it was about to implode with the amount of iPad related tweets.

I’m not sure whether it’s actually a fairly ‘meh’ launch or if it was just the hype that bothers me. Working in PR we regularly arrange press launches for our clients, and I’d love for each of our press events to attract the same hype and interest as Apple manage – wishful thinking I suspect. But would any other company launching a slightly quicker and thinner version of an existing product generate anywhere near as much coverage as the iPad2 has? Probably not.

All of this may well be down to the fact that, as shiny as it is and as much as I wouldn’t mind one, I just can’t work out why you’d want one. It’s too big to be sensibly portable, too restricted and lacking too many features to be a sensible replacement for a laptop  and too expensive on both counts. Granted if I didn’t have a PC at home then it might be useful, but I’d still spend less and get more with a laptop.

Still, if anyone has a spare lying around, please post to EML Towers, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey. Thanks.