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Oh Clive, no.

Posted by putsimply on 1st July 2008

So, Sir Clive Sinclair has predicted that we’ll all be in flying cars in a few years time? You’ve got to love this man.

Clive is something of a legend. Having got off to a good start by popularising the pocket calculator and cheap, cheap home computers, things didn’t really go as planned.

It’s a sad thing to admit; but I have a great personal affection for this beardy weirdy. Sir Clive developed the first Microcomputer I ever owned; the Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3. A wonderful piece of engineering. The disk drive of the +3 used to make noises akin to angry bee trying to escape from inside a frog, and the 290 by 190 screen used to bleed colours like a punctured Chameleon. The only game that looked right on the spectrum was ‘Rainbow Island’; and that was only because it was meant to look like a mess.

Following Clive’s success with the electric car, surely we should all be buying shares in the polar opposite of the flying car. Subterranean motorbikes, perhaps, or the concept of staying at home and having a nice cup of tea.