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MWC 2009

Posted by putsimply on 16th February 2009

So Mobile World Congress has started. Time, once again, to see the great and the good telling us where the future lies. Frankly, we represent quite a few of the companies at the show.

I think I’d undermine my blogging integrity if I said which ones I think are going to be game-changers. Obviously the answer is ‘all of the ones we represent’.

Those of us that have remained in the UK are still there, after a manner of speaking. Being a game bunch, we frequently volunteer for modeling duties, keeping our clients’ photography costs down. Our faces loom over proceedings from a series of larger-than-life posters. Be warned.

Given all the talk about the economy, rumours that stand numbers are down, and the number of journalists that aren’t going, I’d be fascinated to hear how it all turns out.

On a totally unrelated topic, I noticed a fascinating bit of news this morning. Apparently the team behind is being prosecuted by the Swedish government for copyright infringement. On one level this makes me quite sad. I love the idea of the net as being like a wild west frontier. On the other hand the wild west got people shot to bits.

On another level I find myself thinking ‘what did they expect’? The argument of most peer-to-peer websites is that they never actually host the content; just carry other people’s trackers. But you wouldn’t get away with murder just because you only told the blind man where to point the gun.

I think the writing’s on the wall.