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Live blogging made easy

Posted by Danny Whatmough on 6th February 2009

‘Live blogging’ is growing in popularity, from inaugurations and TV/radio shows to updates on football matches and conferences.

The idea is simple. Instead of writing a blog post about an event after it has happened, you cover it live, bit-by-bit, as it is happening. Live!

The draw is obvious. Create a sense of real-time and get your thoughts and the thoughts of others across as political/sporting/tv history is made.

There are a wealth of possibilities and now, the whole process has been made easier following the launch of a new beta tool called ‘‘.  It is essentially a little AJAX plugin that sits inside your blog or webpage and allows you to update and others to contribute.

See it being used by the Birmingham Post.

So the next time you are at a conference, why not consider live-blogging your experiences?

Danny Whatmough