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It’s cold outside – but the energy debate rages

Posted by Vicki Eltis on 3rd April 2013

The snow is still coming down in parts of the UK and our heating is still cranked up high, even though it is now officially British Summer Time! As a result we’re not just feeling the cold we’re also feeling the effect energy bills are having on our wallets, while concerns about the country’s energy resources are top of the news agenda.

There has been a host of news stories in recent weeks covering everything from inflation rises blamed on energy costs to energy companies making record profits because of a long winter. The Times reported last week that energy bills are set to rise by another £150 on average.

We have been watching the debate closely – in fact one of our clients, Navetas, which develops new energy management technology, recently added its voice to the debate.

Navetas carried out research that highlighted just how prevalent these energy worries are, announcing the results ahead of the Ideal Home Show in March.  The research found that saving money on energy bills is a priority for 82% of Brits, who are struggling to find ways to keep down the costs in the face of these increasing energy prices. The research also found that only one in four of us trusts our energy provider.

Keen energy savers are at a loss, saying they simply don’t know how they can use their electrical appliances any less to keep the costs down. Over 50% of Brits who have tried an energy monitor say it didn’t help to save any money.

Eighty per cent of homeowners say they want easy to understand information, price comparisons across all providers and real-time information in order to help them save cash.

Launching Loop

Navetas launched its brand new product Loop, designed to address these issues, at the Ideal Home Show.

Loop takes the hard work out of managing energy at home. It constantly works to track exactly how much energy you use, when you use it and how much it costs on your current tariff. You can then check all of your energy information anytime, anywhere by logging in online. It’s a completely fresh approach to engaging consumers with their energy use that will hopefully change our habits forever.

Loop was received really well at the Ideal Home Show and many journalists snapped up the gadget to trial for themselves. Even the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey, MP, will be installing his very own Loop in the next week.

As the cold weather stays us with us, and more heaters are left on, energy will remain in the forefront of people’s thoughts. With a great product, reviews and case studies showing the real benefits we are aiming to ensure that you will be hearing a lot more about Loop over the next few months. Watch this space.


Vicki Eltis