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Posted by putsimply on 9th December 2008

Why is it that iPhone users are no longer capable of holding a conversation with a group of their friends, family or colleagues without showing off said iPhone? Granted this is a slight generalisation, but walk into almost any bar or pub and odds are you’ll see plenty of people with their iPhones showing off the latest pointless application. Why? What has happened to the art of the conversation? And why is it always iPhone users?

Take the iPint application. Why in god’s name my mates feel the need to show this off when we’re sat in the pub is a mystery. ‘Oh wow look at you pretending to drink your iPint, how witty and clever. In a pub of all places! Wow!’ Instead I’d rather stick with my real pint, it lasts longer, looks better and I’m pretty sure it’ll be more refreshing.

Cue the iphone user putting down their iPint, wiping away the iFroth from around their mouth, oh and now look, it’s a iLight saber! Fantastic – oh and now they’re having a iFight with someone else and their iPhone. Wonderful. How could this get any better you might be asking? Well having dispensed with iDarth Vader they’re now having an iGame of iGolf. In the pub. Why? If our conversation was boring them that much they could always go home, they could take the iBus.

Now don’t get me wrong, the iPhone is a great bit of kit, it has integrated so many different technologies it is staggering. But why on earth people lose their social skills when they get one is beyond me. If you’re writing a text, making a call or even checking the football scores – then using your phone when you’re sat in a group is fine. Even checking your emails if you’re on a working lunch or expecting something important. But please, when you’re next sat in the pub or at dinner with your friends, put the iPhone down, back in your bag – where ever, and try talking to your mates like you used to.