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Is the IT market buzzing again? IP Expo 2013

Posted by sarah-anneb on 18th October 2013

There was a buzz in the air at this year’s IP Expo and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, at first. But after talking to some clients, a few former colleagues and a handful of journalists, it became apparent; IT decision-makers are buying again.

IP Expo was buzzing louder than an overclocked hornet. After years of, ‘our budgets have been slashed‘ and ‘we don’t have the funds’, it would seem that the technology industry has finally turned a corner.

Pretty much everyone I spoke with commented that attendees want to spend money. They want to upgrade their IT and comms infrastructure and finally have the budget to do so.

But it was also apparent that today’s IT managers and directors are even more savvy than before. Gone are the days of buying technology for technology’s sake. All those with purchasing responsibility today want an IT solution that supports their business 100%. There’s nothing “nice to have”; only the essentials are on the final shopping list.

IT departments no longer want to be a drain on the business or a cost centre that consumes time and resource. IT has to be a business enabler, helping the organisation win against competitors and do a better job for its customers.

For someone who went through the dotcom bubble, the dotcom bust, the post-9/11 world and the 2008 market crash, it is very exciting to see the IT industry come back to life.

But what seems to have emerged are grown-up IT decision-makers that will spend cash wisely and carefully, purchasing a solution only when they are absolutely sure it is right for their business. That explains the buzz, and it’s not surprising that IP Expo was a hive of activity.