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Introducing and our 2012 graduate scheme

Posted by Eleanor Dobson on 31st May 2012

It’s not often that we brag about our clients in the newsletter, but sometimes we work for a company that has a product or service that we think might be very useful to all our other prospects and clients.

Enter! is a new start-up company that aims to rid businesses of an age old problem. How many times, when you receive a set of Powerpoint slides or a link to a Slideshare deck, do you flick through the slides but only really get about 10% of the value because everything else is tied up in that one important element that is missing – the person presenting the slides to you. is a bit like Slideshare meets YouTube. It is your slides and you, next to each other, presented on-demand for anyone to see. It’s web-based so all your have to do is upload your content and then just use your webcam to add that all important context.

There are plenty of great examples on the website, but we wanted to tell you about one that we’ve just recorded to launch our 2012 graduate scheme.

As you can see from Debby’s fantastic example, we are challenging anyone that wants to apply for this year’s must-have PR job, to record and send us a presentme introducing themselves and why they think they should be in the running.

We believe this will be a great way for anyone seriously looking for a job in PR to really shine and will help us ensure that the best people for the job make it through to the next round.

So if you know anyone that is interested in a job, then let us know. And don’t forget to go and give a shot.

Eleanor Dobson