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I’m not so sure

Posted by putsimply on 25th September 2007

I’ve just been reading up about the chap who got imprisoned for speeding in a Porsche in Oxfordshire. I’ve driven and ridden a few fast things (possibly a bit too quick sometimes) including an old Porsche and the location of this record speeding offence leads me to doubt the numbers. 172mph? Are they sure! Kingston Bagpuize is a place in the middle of the countryside, away from proper motorways, and I’m assuming the 3km of dual carriageway next to the town is where the incident took place.

Even in vehicles designed for excessive speed, regular roads get very narrow very quickly – at 277kmph that 3km of carriageway would be gone in 39 seconds, and trust me you’d need at least half that time to wind up beyond 150mph.

My theory – handheld speed guns are notoriously unreliable, confused readings from wheel spokes, interference from local radio transmissions (police radios) … you’ve seen the stories. He was obviously speeding pretty excessively, didn’t bother contesting the figure [because there’s no way he’ll get off] and he’s after a guest appearance on the next series of Top Gear anyway so the higher the figure the better. However 10 weeks inside may make that rather tricky now, the new series starts next weekend.