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I, for one, welcome our new robot-journalist overlords

Posted by putsimply on 19th March 2010

How could we pass up this one? As reported by The Guardian and The Singularity Hub, pesky scientists in Tokyo, (where else!), have developed a fully-autonomous robot journalist.

Weren’t GM crops and identi-sheep enough? Damn you science… I think Dr Malcolm from Jurassic Park had it right.

Blah blah... scientists busy wondering if they 'could'... never stopped to think whether they 'should'.. 'chaos theory'... something something

If I was in a clever mood I’d suggest this story represents the natural evolution of what journalist Nick Davies in ‘Flat Earth News’ refers to as ‘churnalism’.

The idea behind this phenomenon is that journalists, with increasing financial and time pressures; are effectively reduced to machine-like roles, endlessly churning out many unchecked cookie-cutter stories.

But I’m not feeling clever, so here instead is a picture of ED209.

Do you mind if I Twitter this interview?

I don’t think it’s going to catch on.