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How not to launch a product

Posted by Danny Whatmough on 26th May 2009

With over 25,000 apps and one billion downloads to date, it is no surprise that other mobile phone manufacturers are keen to capture some of the app-mania that Apple has successfully created.

And today sees the launch of Nokia’s effort – Ovi. So now all those who are fed up with iPhone fanboys bragging about their latest app (and I totally hold my hands up) can join in the fun. Possibly…

So far, the launch hasn’t gone particularly well with the traffic spikes causing all sorts of outages. And, with it, some negative publicity to boot.

To be fair, Nokia responded pretty quickly (but not before TechCrunch got to the story) and some things just can’t be predicted. But surely, with a launch as big as this, high traffic volumes should be expected?

And the problem is that what should be an exciting and bold launch to counter Apple’s undoubted success, turns very negative from the offset.

There is no excuse for negative publicity if the reason for the negativity could’ve been avoided. It just leaves a bad taste in the mouth. One that I am sure Nokia could do without.

It means we all end up writing about the problematic launch rather than the product.

Danny Whatmough