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How do you fill a room with PRs, journalists and other media types on a Friday morning?

Posted by Andrew Hill on 30th October 2013

Answer: with coffee and pastries on the 39th floor of One Canada Square.

Last Friday saw Tech City News give a sneak preview inside its upcoming foray into print media at a well attended breakfast briefing. To kick off proceedings, the team gave everyone a quick rundown of how their online presence is getting along, as the publication approaches its first birthday.

Since its launch on January 23rd, Tech City News has built a wealth of content on the businesses, ideas and events coming out of Tech City. Head of Commercial Becky Golland, who had stepped in to present on behalf of bed-ridden Editor Alex Wood at the last minute, proudly announced that their site now holds 600 news stories and 500 events, with 7,500 followers on Twitter.

The figures didn’t stop there, as she broke down the response they had seen to this; now reaching 42,000 unique readers a month, their ‘Week in Tech’ video series sees over a thousand hits per episode, and their whitepaper reports have been downloaded 900 times. Clearly there exists an audience for the content they are producing, so their desire to expand into print is not unjustified.

It was here that they moved on to the big reveal: the inside of the new magazine. This was obviously not aiming to be a cheap and cheerful weekly, instead focusing on long-form content and printed on heavyweight 190gsm glossy paper. This is meant as a coffee table tome, full of high-resolution images and infographics to provide an insight into the goings on of Tech City.  Clearly a lot of time and effort had gone into producing it and the whole publication certainly looked nice; we just didn’t get much of a look at what exactly the long form content entailed.

Interestingly, they saw the long-term goal of their print publication as being a way of expanding beyond their largely London-centric audience at present. This was a little less convincing than the rest of their pitch, and definitely something that is worth watching. The appeal of a publication discussing the business of start-ups in a single area of one city in the UK will clearly be of immense use to investors and analysts, but is there a viable, sizable market for it in the rest of the UK and beyond?

Andrew Hill

Originally joining Wildfire as a graduate, fresh from the University of Sheffield, Andy quickly gained a PRCA qualification and built a practical knowledge of PR, working across a broad range of clients.