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Halitosis hotline

Posted by putsimply on 13th February 2008

It’s Mobile World Congress time and anyone who is anyone in the mobile phone world is over in Barcelona supping champagne and talking the talk, being sure to use all the current hot buzzwords like GPS, femtocells, 4G and WiMax.

In true Japanese style, handset maker NTT Docomo has been thinking outside the box. Sod the buzzwords, at the show it is demonstrating a prototype of what it calls a “wellnesss handset

This funky device is a godsend to all the health freaks out there and gives us obese, out of shape westerners the hope of salvation. It can check your heart rate, measure body fat and accurately count your footsteps. But the killer app has to be the built in “halitosis monitor.” What surreal genius. No more wandering around oblivious to the fact your breath smells like a skunk’s backside. How have we ever managed without it?

Clearly long gone are the days when a phone was just for talking to people. Whatever next!