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Grandparents and mobile phones

Posted by putsimply on 9th September 2008

Over the weekend my granddad dropped by my parent’s house with a problem. Now this happens more often than not – from issues tuning in his TV, to getting the free DVD from the Sunday paper to play. This time the problem was with the digital photo frame we had brought him for Christmas. Despite his best efforts he could not fathom where the USB key went on the frame, having tried every socket to no avail he resorted to asking my sister for help. Cue my sister removing the cover from the USB key and one slightly embarrassed grandparent.

Now stereotypically speaking the elderly and technology are not the best of friends, I’m sure you’ve all had to explain something similar to an elderly friend or relative, and the Christmas I was nominated to explain to (the same) grandparent how to operate his new mobile was, to say the least, a test of patience.

At EML we deal with the cutting edge of technology, from the latest wireless devices to the chips they are made on – but in 50 years time am I going to be any better at operating (what is to me) a simple consumer product like a mobile? Back in my granddad’s youth I’m sure he was fully capable of working the latest technology much to the bewilderment of his grandparents. Now of course I grew up with computers and similar technology, but I honestly believe that in my old age I will be just as clueless, and will have equally exasperated grandchildren explaining what is to them, the most simple of technological tasks.

Now oddly I’m quite looking forward to this. What say you? Do you think that you’ll always be tech-savvy? Or will it eventually overtake you?