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Going Underground

Posted by putsimply on 11th June 2009

EML is based out in Kingston which has a number of benefits. Avoiding the regular commute into zone 1 of London being the main one, and something that we’re increasingly grateful for at the moment. The Tube strike hasn’t affected us too badly, the commute out to work for some of us has been made more complicated and a few meetings have been postponed but in the grand scheme of things we can’t really complain.

The Tube strike is all over the national news and its fair to say London Underground (LU) and Boris are winning the PR battle. The general opinion seems to be that the RMT are being unreasonably demanding – particularly with so many others losing their jobs and having pay frozen. I don’t know enough about the complexities of the proposed deal from LU or the disagreements of the RMT but suspect that the full story has not been reported. (Let alone looking at why relations between the two are so bad in the first place – but that’s another story)

The news was already reporting the RMT as unreasonable before the twist on Tuesday evening about it asking for the reinstatement of  two members who were recently sacked. At face value demanding the re-employment of people sacked for ‘serious’ misconduct seems unreasonable. But I’d at least like to hope that there is another side to this story that makes the whole thing more sensible.

The image of a part-empty Wembley stadium last night is never going to help and many Londoners have never been the biggest fans of Bob Crow or the RMT – but there’s got to be another side to the story? Surely? Or maybe I’m just being too optimistic.

Oh and if you haven’t seen the profanity-laden parody of ‘Going Underground’ I suggest you YouTube it.