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Fotech appoints EML Wildfire to promote innovative technology for oil and gas industry

Posted by admin on 6th November 2013

fot002London, UK, 6 November 2013: Fotech Solutions has appointed technology PR agency EML Wildfire to promote Fotech’s innovative security and monitoring technology to the global oil and gas industry. EML Wildfire’s work will target senior engineering and C-level audiences in the sector.

Fotech’s Helios DAS technology converts an optical fibre, up to 40km long, into tens of thousands of individual and real-time vibration sensors. Real-time detection of the vibrations caused by acoustic disturbance at each point along the fibre is successfully enhancing oil and gas exploration, production and delivery – for example in pipeline monitoring and leak detection.

Chris Shannon, CEO at Fotech said: “Our Helios DAS technology can help in multiple instances throughout the oil and gas supply chain. It is a nascent market, but it has huge potential and it will become increasingly significant. We were impressed by EML Wildfire’s long term vision to enhance our brand. We have a broad range of audiences we want to influence and EML Wildfire has clearly demonstrated how it can help us reach them. I have no doubt that the team’s support will be crucial in supporting us achieve our goals for the business.”

Andrew Shephard, Director at EML Wildfire, added: “Fotech has incredible technical expertise and the team has developed a fantastic product, but it is still relatively early days in terms of the market. We want to take on Fotech’s competitors and help it win market share. With our blend of business experience and specialist knowledge we will be working closely with Chris to help Fotech build a real leadership position in the industry.”

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About EML Wildfire

EML Wildfire is an independent UK-based B2B and consumer technology PR agency with a track record of campaigns across the UK, Europe, the USA and Asia. Our expertise covers the enterprise, communications, electronics, design services, cleantech, digital and semiconductor technology sectors. We combine traditional media relations with social media skills and marketing expertise, offering results-driven, measurable PR programmes that build market authority, engage target audiences and create sales opportunities across multiple channels. We are headquartered in South West London on the banks of the River Thames with a presence in Cambridge, the UK’s technology heartland.

About Fotech Solutions

Fotech Solutions, established in 2008, specializes in the development and delivery of Distributed Acoustic Sensing or DAS based solutions. Operating primarily in Oil & Gas & pipeline sectors, Fotech has developed the Helios system which converts an optical fibre up to 40km long into a solution that is equivalent to tens of thousands of individual vibration sensors. Real-time detection of the vibrations caused by acoustic disturbances along the fibre is translated into information that will aid the Oil & Gas operator in exploration, production and delivery activities, or a pipeline operator with intrusion detection, leak detection or pig tracking activities.


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