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Facebook adds photo tagging for brands

Posted by Danny Whatmough on 12th May 2011

In a further olive branch to brands using the social network, Facebook has announced a new feature allowing users to tag Pages in Facebook photos.

I’ve discussed before the moves Facebook is making to encourage more companies and businesses to use the network and the reasons for this strategy. Tagging photos is yet another step in this direction.

A Page can now be tagged anywhere across the network by anyone, not just those that ‘like’ the brand, through the photo viewer. These photos will then show up on the Photos tab on the brand’s Page, rather than on its Wall. The feature is currently restricted to Pages that fall into the People, Brands and Product categories, but expect it to be rolled out further in future.

This is clearly an opportunity for brands to make their presence known throughout the network and will encourage users to engage with them through other mediums. This could even be seen as a form of advertising for brands that manage to encourage users to tag their products or logos on a regular basis.

Clearly there is potentially a reputation issue here too as tags could have negative sentiment as well as positive. As ever, monitoring what is being tagged is key.

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Danny Whatmough