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EML Wildfire’s Richard Parker on tech, mergers and social media

Posted by admin on 14th September 2011

RichardHere follows an extract from the interview – click here to read it in full.

What areas of PR does the agency specialise in?

We are a technology agency, covering B2B and consumer tech on an international scale. We cover a wide range of technologies and engage with our clients’ audiences wherever they are and by any PR method.

What was the reason behind the EML and Wildfire PR merger?

Quite frankly, a belief that to be successful an agency has to be able to offer the widest range of PR tactics to its clients, reaching their audiences by all methods appropriate to meet their need and the countries they want exposure in. Merging the two agencies increased the skills and experience we could offer and brought them all under one roof. Our combined talents mean we now run both digital and traditional trade media campaigns when and where the client needs it. We believe this gives us a great platform for success and the ability to support our clients as their campaigns grow into new areas.

What is special about the agency’s approach to PR?

Basically, our campaigns have a commercial impact. We take an integrated approach to position our clients effectively in the market and engage with their audiences across all communications channels, everywhere.


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