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EML Wildfire releases major new International PR Guide for the electronics sector

Posted by Alex Perryman on 15th November 2013

PR has become increasingly internationalised in recent years. The electronics industry, in particular, relies on extending its value propositions beyond home borders.

Local customs, language concerns, and the need for local representation, and a whole host of country-specific considerations need to be taken into account for your news to be carried convincingly.

While it’s technically easier-than-ever to send your news far and wide, International PR is not something on which to go off half-cocked. Whether tackled as a discrete, time-bounded project or as part of a longer-term, ongoing programme of work, if you don’t do international PR in the right way, with the right amount of resource, expertise and focus, it’s usually better not to do it at all.

Most electronics companies understand this, and it’s one of the reasons international PR is sometimes viewed apprehensively.

But help is at hand…

EML Wildfire has now released a short ‘How to’ guide to International Electronics PR, that you can download for free!

It’s fair to say we know a thing or two about international PR in the electronics sector. Over 75% of our current client campaigns are international: We’ve spent 15+ years delivering international campaigns for major brands such as Premier Farnell, TSMC, Synopsys and CSR, as well as a whole host of exciting up and coming companies like Nujira and Amantys.

You may be just starting to dip your toes into the waters of international PR or you may already be knees-deep in international campaigns and wish to read-up on best-practice. You might be mulling over how to approach global PR cost-effectively or how to build visibility in a market with or without a physical presence. Any-which-way, you’ll find our guide hugely useful.

While it can only serve as a broad introduction, our guide will walk you through some of the most important aspects of undertaking international PR, from establishing objectives, to crafting your story and seeking out local representation, as well as some examples of those all-important little details that make or break campaigns.

Get it here

You can download the international PR guide for free here. We hope you enjoy it, and find it useful. And please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to talk about the ways in which we can help you to implement or improve your company’s own international PR campaign.

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Alex Perryman

Alex joined Wildfire in 2007. He is renowned for his ability to pick up complex technologies and new industries extremely quickly.