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Where was EML Wildfire in August 2012?

Posted by admin on 30th August 2012

The Olympics has been heavily featured this month at EML Wildfire. Many events have been watched live, including the basketball beach volleyball, rowing, athletics and cycling!

With all this sport the EML Wildfire team still had time to squeeze in a few events, have a look at some of the places the team have been this month:

  • 6th August: Joe and Ellen had coffee with one of the newest members of the Wired team, Liat Clarke
  • 7th August: Fiona and Katia attended the Mobile Minefield app seminar, about how apps can be used in the world of PR
  • 22nd August: Vicki met with Gabriella Griffiths from LondonLovesBusiness to hear about what they have coming up and how our clients might be able to contribute. On the same day Vicki had another meeting with Geoff Ho, deputy finance and business editor at the Sunday Express
  • 24th August: Vicki and Harry met with Jane Hamilton, editor of The Sun’s Sun employment and Cashflow sections
  • 29th August: Fiona and Vicki met with Geordie Clarke, deputy editor of FT’s Money Management magazine in London to chat about some of our clients in the finance sector


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