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Drawing a line

Posted by putsimply on 11th November 2010

Could you live without your computer, iPad, smart phone or whatever tech you use to access the www. of information?  How much time do you spend in a day looking at a screen?  Does it affect your social and domestic life?

I just pose these questions because I heard a well-known broadcaster recount on the radio this morning that last night her husband was working on his laptop in bed.  When she woke up this morning it was nestling quietly asleep between them.  I’ve heard of people sleeping with children, dogs or cats between them but laptops?

Or am I the one that has it all wrong?  I think that there is a time and place for everything and in our house computers remain in working areas and my iPhone is banned from the sitting-room.

However, if I had an iPad it could all be so different.  I could read books in bed, check answers to crossword clues, research details on TV shows – I could see it moving from room to room with me.  However, I still don’t think I would let it sleep between us, even the dog doesn’t do that.