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Don’t just link. Engage! #smwldn

Posted by Debby Penton on 16th February 2012

Yesterday, I joined the hoards of people getting involved with Social Media Week London and attended a session called Thought Leadership and the role of Social Media B2B.

As a tech PR agency with many B2B clients, we are heavily involved in helping our clients use online channels and social media to build a position of authority and thought leadership, and then how they might drive the sales pipeline through these channels.

So the majority of our involvement in social media is focused on helping clients unlock the social potential of their organisation, supporting cultural and organisational change, training and devising content strategies.

Of the many enticing events being held by Social Media Week, I was drawn to this talk due to the involvement of LinkedIn.  Most B2B businesses share the belief that LinkedIn and Twitter are the most appropriate channels for them to be present on with their business, however many still have made little progress in harnessing the power of LinkedIn beyond recruitment.

Colin Smith, UK Sales Director for LinkedIn suggested that 2012 is the year social media gets down to business, but that users don’t want to be pushed down the funnel, they want to be engaged with.  He shared with us some new research into LinkedIn users expectations with regards to brands and businesses presence on social channels that I thought would be worth sharing for anyone thinking they should do more with LinkedIn.

Here are some of the research highlights:

  • 62% of LinkedIn members expect to be engaged by the brands they are following on the network
  • Users typically follow an average of 2.8 brands per sector, and once they follow them they will do so in perpetuity
  • The average user has 151 connections

Post engagement by brands:

  • 81% of users were more aware of the brand
  • 66% would consider purchasing from the business
  • 45% are more likely to purchase
  • 57% would recommend a brand

And once a user follows your brand, here is a breakdown of what they expect:

  • 66% of users expect you to share industry insights
  • 65% expect to see company news
  • 45% would like an opportunity to share opinions and get involved with discussions
  • 45% expect a sneak peak into new products and services
  • 43% would like to be included in a like minded community

And for those of you planning your LinkedIn strategy, you might like to read our 2011 social media benchmark report, looking at how some of the UK’s leading technology companies are using social channels – including LinkedIn to engage (or not!)

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Debby Penton

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