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Death of a paperback?

Posted by putsimply on 4th September 2008

One thing I really like is to curl up in bed last thing at night with a good book (got you worried there for a minute) and my holiday is defined by how many books I can get through.  Standing in the bookshop at the airport selecting “just a couple more” to add to the pile I already have is a guilty pleasure.

Maybe it is because my mother was a librarian but I feel bereft if I do not have a book on the go and I always ask for them as presents.  But is that all about to change?

Today sees the launch of the Sony eBook in the UK – 260g and the capacity for 160 eBooks. Well, that would keep me quiet on holiday but is it what I want?  The techie side of me says “go for it and save a few trees” but the reader side of me says “I love the feel and tradition of a paperback”.

Who can tell what will happen. In the early days of the iPod it was suggested that the CD would still remain king and even I am in love with my iPhone now. So maybe I will, eventually, get an eBook but tell me… what happens when you get sand and sun cream on it?