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A day in the life of a consumer tech PR

Posted by Kat Farminer on 27th November 2014

Each Monday here at Wildfire, we get together to discuss the week ahead and also to look back and recognise the great work from the previous week. For me, as a consumer tech PR, when the question ‘anyone do anything interesting last week’ is raised each week it generally brings to mind something cool I get to do in the line of work, but last week this has never been more true.

Last week I got to go to Orlando. For work. I travelled alongside our client, Picsolve, to the world’s largest conference for the leisure and theme park industry, IAAPA. To be honest, I was not sure what to expect but as market leaders in attraction photography Picsolve had one of the largest stands on site and with a jam-packed schedule of media briefings I approached it like any other trade show. What greeted me however, was what can only be referred to as an indoor theme park! IAAPA plays host to everything you can imagine that you might find in this industry, from rollercoaster seats to cuddly toys and everything in between.

What shocked me though was the level of tech on display. Everything from video games, slot machine designers, image solutions, app developers, ride designers, CGI and much much more. This is an industry on the rise in the tech sector. As we work with Picsolve to promote its latest digital platform the rest of the industry is just catching up, which provides a wealth of opportunities for brands and marketeers alike.

Sadly, I failed to get a brand new go kart through on expenses but after surviving my first IAAPA and securing blanket coverage for Picsolve I can’t wait for the next!

Kat Farminer