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Content cheat-sheet #1: repurposing

Posted by Danny Whatmough on 19th September 2012

There’s a lot of content produced on the web these days, but information overload isn’t as much a problem as you might think. For PR and marketing teams, it is all about creating content that helps rather than sells.

Creating content isn’t easy. It’s time consuming and hard to get right. But there are a number of ways to make your content generation approach easier and more efficient.

One example is repurposing.

Content that works harder

Repurposing is a relatively straightforward idea. It’s all about using content you create in as many ways possible to make it go that bit further. So, for example, if you’ve created a series of blog posts on a certain topic, why not pull them together into a short report that can then exist as a redemption item on your website.

Or if you are creating an infographic or a video, write a blog post to cover them or syndicate as guest posts on external sites.

Making life easier

Before you think this starts to look a bit like flogging a dead horse, it is worth remembering that we all respond to content and information in different ways.

Some people prefer to read a 3,000 byline, others a pithy 100 word blog post, some like a tweet and other, more visual people, prefer to view an infographic or watch a video.

As I’ve discussed before, PR has a role to play at every stage of the sales process, especially in B2B. And the ‘investigation’ phase of the sales process relies on providing easy to digest information and content that helps your prospects make a buying decision.

Social objects

With the growth of digital and social media, creating content that can easily be distributed through these new channels is important. These ‘social objects’ can include everything from Slideshare presentations that can be embedded in blog posts or infographics that can be tweeted out to the world quickly and easily.

Content is expensive to produce. So when you produce it, make it work for you brand.

Danny Whatmough