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Comfort zone, I remember that

Posted by putsimply on 23rd December 2008

Twitter provides an unusually useful insight

As my profile, my colleagues and previous posts will confirm – early adopter generally isn’t me.  However I’m not afraid of a cliché and in the last week I’ve been won over by Huddle (I am convinced there’s gold in them-there-hills) plus! I’ve logged in on Twitter and even got an interface in the trusty iPhone.

These developments are not being driven by boredom, far from it. Times are tough, information is power, control is everything – If we are to keep a clue on what’s going on in the world, and continue to improve the way we work with each other, we must spot the next big thing before the other guy does.

Charles Arthur relayed a comment from his wife in a tweet this morning, suggesting all news stories in 2009 will open with “X Twitters from…”.

Maybe I am a later adopter after all.

That’s my thought for the day and the last blog post from me this year, Happy Christmas!