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Posted by putsimply on 16th January 2009

The staff here at EML Towers spotted a rather natty font the other day, which we recommend:

This is the font-equivalent of that ‘Please avoid printing emails unnecessarily’ email footer that you sometimes see. This message, ironically, uses ink to print, and has a coloured logo on it. The ecofont, on the other hand, reduces ink-use by filling each letter with holes, ‘swiss-cheese’-stylee.

Kind’ve begs the question though, wouldn’t it be easier to avoid printing the email in the first place? EML obviously recycles, and I’m anal enough to run a more-or-less paperless desk. But then again, I spent the last two days on several planes.* Will an ‘eco’ font simply encourage people to print more, guilt-free?

It makes you think: there’s the cars our staff use to get to the office, and the deodorant I use. But who wants to meet an smelly PR bod? There are ways businesses can improve their eco-credentials. I for one am going to dowse the huge pile of burning car tyres out back. It’s no use to anybody.

[*By the way, I’m talking about the gas-guzzling, flies through the air kind. This is not some kind of hippy/physics digression, though I do get around.]