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Christmas gift guide: top 3 fashtech gifts that are fashionable and functional

Posted by Kiran Saini on 12th December 2019

Fashion and technology. One is warm and soft; the other is cold and sharp. But these two go together better than cheese and wine. Fashion tech products today are entering a new level of style sophistication and a seamless user experience. And, they can be an extremely thoughtful Christmas gift for those seeking to upgrade their most basic fashion accessories.

Here are my top picks for the person in your life who enjoys both fashion and function.

  • A clutch that rocks — literally!

Dazzling in both design and sound quality, the Mini-Clutch Bluetooth speaker embodies luxury. Among its innovative design is an extraordinary three-in-one functionality: a portable speaker, speakerphone and clutch. You can connect to Bluetooth devices to listen wirelessly and charge any USB-enabled device through its portable power bank.

A full charge can last for up to 15 hours while the built-in microphone allows you to make calls with the strap and bracelet making for an easy carry. When you open the clutch, the built-in mirror offers a quick face or lippy check for those all-important moments, and the “carry all compartments” provides room for your everyday essentials like your car keys and bank cards.

This Mini-Clutch Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gift for the exclusively trendy fashionista who has only the highest taste in both music and fashion. What’s not to like?

  • The smartest fitness tracking bling

The Bellabeat Leaf Urban is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s ideal for women who want a tracking device to help them lead a healthier lifestyle but don’t want the unsightly bulk of a smartwatch on their wrist. The leaf-shaped pendant can also be worn as a clip-on piece of jewellery or as a necklace, and is available in two colours — silver and rose gold. Very versatile, indeed!

Its motion sensor lets you track your steps and sleep, and also has a vibrating alarm and idle alert. You can set alarms to wake you up, as well as an alarm that reminds you to take a daily oral contraceptive or whatever else you want. All updates and results can be viewed on your phone via the app as the tracker doesn’t have a screen. In my opinion, the Urban Leaf is one of the best fitness tracking devices on the market, and it looks good.

  • Peace of mind at your fingertips

Last, but by no means least, we have the Nimb Ring — a panic button in disguise. If you ever find yourself in danger, trying to whip out your phone is just far too slow, especially when time is of the essence.

The Nimb Ring is connected to an app on your phone and is a quick, subtle way to send your location to your family, friends or emergency personnel to alert them that you’re in a dangerous situation.

It is the only safety device on the market that enables you to call for help with one click without drawing unwanted attention. It also has features that help prevent accidental alerts, so you can feel safe without worrying about raising a false alarm.

The ring comes in eight different sizes and is available in classic white or stealth black — style and safety in one piece of jewellery. It’s time to stop relying on customary go-to gifts this Christmas — candles, bath bombs, winter hats, and so on. Gift your friends and family something unique and unexpected. These chic gadgets are actually some of the gifts I’m lusting over this holiday season so if any of my nearest and dearest are reading this blog, you can use this as my wish list.

Kiran Saini

With a degree in Communication and Media Studies from Brunel University, Kiran has gained invaluable experience of the media industry following her internships with a magazine publishing company based in London and an entertainment PR agency in Richmond. Her most recent internship, however, was with Wildfire where she got a real taste for tech PR. Her passion for media coupled with her new found interest in tech helped her secure a permanent position at Wildfire in January 2016.