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Byte Night – Huge Success & Huge Headaches

Posted by Debby Penton on 16th October 2008

Debby and Sarah-Anne

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Our resident blogger, Danny, is on holiday this week, which forces me to finally pop my blogging cherry – I’ve been meaning to taken my first steps into the blogosphere for a long time, but something has been stopping me. As PRs we are experts at advising clients how to handle themselves in the media, from the safety of our surburban sanctuary, but when it comes to putting ourselves in the limelight through press interviews or blogging it can be very unnerving. Anyway hey ho – they say once you’ve started you can’t stop so let’s see!

The event was brilliantly organised and executed by Action for Children and kindly hosted by Ernst and Young. In the earlier part of the evening, we did appallingly in the quiz – I’d like to think we were smart enough to win, had the whole team taken part, but unfortunately Sarah-Anne and I “don’t do quizzes” and had much more fun catching up with our old Banner chums and posing for silly photos (see above) – all in the name of charity of course!

While we technically spent the whole night outside, I have to admit that most of us didn’t do a whole lot of sleeping. Rather we enjoyed the more social element of the proceedings and the stunning views of Tower Bridge lit up on a clear Autumn night. Clear, is not a word to best describe how our heads felt after just a few short hours sleep however, and after a quick bacon sarnie at 6am we all headed home to curl up and recover in our beds, which admittedly took most of the weekend.

However, we suffered for a good cause (even the drink contributions went to charity) and I’m proud to say that The Wildfire team raised nearly £4,000 which contributed to a massive £320,000 raised by Byte Night so far this year . Well done team and a huge thanks to every one of our clients, colleagues and friends who donated.

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