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“Bring back the Game Boy!” Wildfire’s most lamented retro technology

Posted by Hannah Wright on 22nd January 2016

Rhodri Marsden’s latest article caught my eye this week, putting the spotlight on a group of people that just can’t let go of old technology, so much so that it still “forms part of their lives.”

Whether it’s nostalgia, hoarding or just repulsion of the modern technology that is taking over at break-neck speed, it got me wondering whether more people wanted to stick with some of the tech we were introduced to decades ago.

Ranging from CD Walkmans, VHS and record players to MSN messenger, Bonsai Buddy or the classic telephone box, we would have all grown up with the “latest and greatest” tech innovations that are now just a mere glitch in our race towards all things virtual and autonomous.

To find out whether I was alone in my thinking, I asked the entire Wildfire office to take part in a poll that grilled them on which technology they miss having and which technology they are thrilled to see in the bin.

After looking at the results it seems we were unanimous in a few devices that we’d like to see again, with Wildfire’s top missed tech being:

1) Original Game Boy (54%)

2) Nokia Phones with changeable covers and snake (38%)

And in joint third, with 30% each, we agreed that flip phones, Super Nintendo and MiniDiscs were Wildfire’s most lamented items. And it’s clear we’re not the only ones dreaming of these sentimental times, with Samsung announcing they’re making a new flip phone for 2016. Personally I’m happy to see flip phones in the top 3…if you ever watch old episodes of Prison Break or 24, the sudden ‘flip down’ of a phone lid just made it so much more dramatic!

However despite our cravings to be reunited with some of these loveable tech relics, there were some ancient artefacts the Wildfire team were glad to see the back of. Specifically, Floppy Discs (36%), VHS (29%) and Windows 95 (21%). Goodbye and good riddance!

Do you agree with our choices? Join the debate and tell us what your most missed tech items are in the comments below!

Hannah Wright

After joining in 2011, Hannah brings a wealth of experience across both consumer and B2B PR.