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Posted by putsimply on 4th June 2009

Microsoft has launched its latest attempt to gain market share on Google with its own search engine, the rubbishly named Bing. At least it gives me an excuse to use a photo of Barry Scott.

Google holds around 80% of the search engine market with Microsoft trailing way behind with 5.5% so you can see why they’re trying to do something about it. Bing actually has a number of pretty nifty features such as being able to hold the mouse over a video search result and see a quick preview or if you type in a celebrity’s name you get a whole load of options such as photos, bio etc. Also much of the information you’re searching for can be found without leaving Bing which makes life easier.

The search results are largely the same as those from Google which therefore begs the question why would you switch? So many people use Google already and it delivers everything you need in a pretty simple manner so why would you switch to a new search engine? Especially for UK users as our version is still at the beta stage.

It will be interesting to see the stats in a few month’s time to see if Microsoft has managed to gain any ground on Google.