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Bad Jeremy

Posted by putsimply on 13th March 2008

I’ve been shaken back in to the blogsphere by (poor old) journalist and broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson, and the various news items related to him being photographed by some fame-seeking do-gooder while he was driving and using his mobile phone – at the same time, imagine that? I’ll admit I was once involved, on behalf of a client, in campaigning to have the mobiles-while-driving legislation eased, to allow business users of mobile radio equipment a level of exemption – but on the whole it’s a good law.

I’m not agitated by the current adverts either – good strong messaging – drive while you are on the phone and you risk death – you can’t argue with that. What bugs me is that Clarkson, just because he’s recognised, potentially gets prosecuted, not because he’s naughty, but because he’s famous and naughty.

Every day I see dozens of idiots on the phone (and driving) but I don’t know who they are and neither does anyone else so they escape. What’s next? Photos of celebrities driving in bus-lanes? Photos of celebrities dropping litter being emailed to local councils? I predict Clarkson gets off, and he gets some extra press-clippings this month.