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Are you out there?

Posted by putsimply on 22nd July 2010

Or are you stuck inside updating your profile on Facebook? As half the population of the UK are signed up users, according to statistics out today, there must be many people doing just that.

Worldwide there are 500 million users, with the average user on the site for over half an hour per day.

So, are you with the half that is in or the half against?  Maybe that could be the new ‘half full / half empty’ glass personality decider?  Interesting, because I am a ‘half full’ person but definitely not a Facebook person. What does that make me? An extrovert loner or just someone who prefers to speak to friends or send them personal emails than sharing my life with the world.

(By the way I put my contact lenses in the wrong eyes today and wandered around for three hours with blurred vision.  I am sharing this with you as I don’t have a Facebook site to put it on.)