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Are you going to PCIM?

Posted by Andrew Shephard on 13th April 2015

I was asked this several times the other night as we socialised with assorted PRs and journalists. “Err, no” was my default response but I’m reconsidering. I remember and enjoyed the first one and haven’t been since; these days I don’t think it really gets the profile it deserves. So why don’t I have it booked? Purely because this year my clients don’t need support there, but maybe I’ll go anyway.

Nuremberg and its Messe delivers a great venue. Well organised and not too big, PCIM gets about 8,000 exhibition visitors over three days so it’s not chaotic. Anyone dealing in power electronics or power systems, robotics or energy-related technologies will find more than enough conferences and exhibitions to fill a day or even two.

Book in advance for free exhibition entry but the conference is where the show excels for designers. If you can get in, stay in one of the hotels on the ‘wrong’ side of the central station. Ringhotel Loew’s Merkur is good, or there’s B&B Hotel Nürnberg-Hbf on the right side of the station, which is a lot better than it looks for business use.

Get out in the town too; it has real character.

Andrew Shephard

Andrew’s engineering background and ‘fluff-free’ attitude combined with probably the broadest knowledge of technology installed in one PR brain ensures critical insight for Wildfire’s clients. He has driven campaigns for major forces in the semiconductor industry over 18 years including NEC Electronics, Sun Microelectronics and TSMC along with game-changing start-ups like Achronix and Nujira.