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Posted by putsimply on 5th September 2007

It’s been two weeks and three days
Since I went away
I stayed up every night and slept all day
When I went on holiday

When my Facebook said,’ Jaime is wondering how old Nick Knowles actually is’, this was only partly true. It could have reasonably also said, ‘Jaime is eating her dinner in a fancy rest-er-awwnt on holiday in New York.”

I admit it. I, Jaime, would much rather keep the information I put out on the internet to all and sundry reasonably vague.

So why the worry?

Have to say, I’m not too fussed about protecting my decorum in front of employers. I’ve decorum enough at EML and if needed, I’ll summon the decorum for any future employer.

I’m decorumed up.

It’s more the obvious things like the burglars who want to ransack my house for its bounty of backdated Argos catalogues, impulse buy toiletries, USB cables for gadgets I’ve never owned and an odd number of chopsticks.

And those weird stalking types with bad skin, wearing Homer Simpson pants who go well past their bedtime drinking Tesco VAT 69 whiskey and like to follow your every move via the internet.

So generally, I think it’s only sensible to have a scale of openness along the lines of:-

1. The person you share a bed with
2. Family/friends
3. Colleagues
4. The Inland Revenue
5. People you know
7. People you don’t know but who you can see
8. People you don’t know but who you can can hear
9. People you don’t know who can use the internet
10. People who write letters to, and actively romantically pursue Charles Manson