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8 bits of tech I wanted to take home from the Gadget Show Live

Posted by Tom Lawrence on 9th April 2015

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the press day for our client Gadget Show Live. Amongst all the toys and games at the show, in plain sight were some real works of inventive genius. Whilst there were a lot (and I really do mean a lot) of toy helicopters and headphones, within the mix were a few little gems that make going to these kinds of exhibitions a worthwhile experience.

3D printers: RoboSavvy Printrbot

Whilst 3D printing has been in and out of the spotlight in recent months, watching someone design and print a widget from scratch is something I recommend everyone goes and sees. Whilst my personal opinion is that 3D printing will never replace manufacturing, I was rather taken with the cheeky little printer kit on show at RoboSavvy. SOLD, even for this sceptic…

Tesla Model S

I think everyone is probably in love with Tesla’s Model S. This beautiful example of the potential for electric cars now has a range of 310 miles with rumours that this could rise to 400 miles on a single charge, which is significant (without even mentioning the innovative ways they are looking at improving the recharging). We needn’t even go into the fact that there is enough space inside to stretch out (I’m 6ft 3”) as there’s no need for a drive shaft or gear box; or that there are two boots; and because it’s electric when you put your foot on the power it always accelerates as fast as it can. Most have seen the video of the Tesla racing a Ferrari, but just in case you haven’t, here it is. Please drive your Tesla responsibly.


There was undoubtedly a lot on show for petrol heads (Jason Bradbury’s DeLorean to name just one example), but there was also a great deal of environmentally friendly gadgets on show as well. One of my favourites, whilst being a bit arty and perhaps not technically ‘tech’ was Toast, founded in a basement in 2012 by ex-carpenter Mathias who wanted to put more environmentally friendly skins on smartphones and PCs and has, by all accounts, succeeded in changing the aesthetics of technology in a ‘green’ way.

Vitamix Professional Series 750

I couldn’t have left Gadget Show Live without checking out the kitchen tech section and rather inevitably it was a Vitamix that caught my eye. We all know that blenders can now turn ingredients straight out the fridge into hot soup, or waste-free smoothies; but it was something else altogether to watch and try the fruits of its labour. At just under £800 for one of these, it isn’t cheap, but to put it bluntly, I want one.


People talk about drones and their potential to change markets and remove the need for couriers, or at a stretch even the ordinary old postal service. But being honest with ourselves and without sounding too much like my old man, drones are just really REALLY COOL… Most of us have seen drones in action in smaller superstores, but it doesn’t compare to seeing a 3x3ft M690L in flight. I did try and take a decent video below, but whilst the ALIGN looks quite sizable, the footage fails to capture the size of the machine. You know it’s a big deal when there are a whole bunch of army officials watching on talking with each other. So yeah, they’re machines that fly, so they’re pretty awesome.

Old school tech: IBM Personal Computer Model 5150

As good as new technology is, sometimes nothing beats good old school technology and this old piece of kit is just absolutely beautiful.

KORG ClipHit drum kit

What looks like a few bulldog clips attached to some table surfaces was in fact a modular drum kit thanks to the magic that the KORG ClipHit brings. Simply by attaching the clips to any surface turns them into a practice drum kit. It was definitely the first time I did some table drumming with some genuinely decent sounding results.

MaKey MaKey Invention Kit

It’s a kit that let’s you make bananas into musical instruments. What else do you need to know?

Tom Lawrence