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5 sex techs we should get buzzing about

Posted by admin on 13th May 2016

Wildfire has a broad experience of consumer tech PR and, as we’re always on the look out for the coolest tech, we couldn’t help but notice that recent scientific advancements have thrust sex technology into more than the usual battery operated toys. Now the consumer world is blushing with toys and gadgets that fill every hole in the sex toy market.

With this sudden wave of manufacturers and inventors bringing us the best in stimulation, we wanted to share some gadgets that might tickle your fancy. However, it’s safe to say we’re unlikely to be launching a sex tech division any time soon…


This couple’s set comes with 10 modes, a wireless remote and an app that you can control from anywhere. This kind of sex tech is making the world smaller and making it easier for couples in a long-distance relationship to stay intimate and close even when seas apart. The touch screen app gives a new level of intimacy and interaction whilst also hosting a secure in-app chat, video and audio platform. And for the self-conscious, it’s also eco-friendly.


A high tech new sex doll is in the making, spawned from the brain child of Realdoll and Hanson Robotics. The sexy, but creepy, doll will be programmed to talk dirty to its master and comes with full functioning gyrating hips. The prototype has been given the name “Harmony” and is expected to cost around £6000. Along with the dishwasher and sandwich maker, this is the perfect appliance for young men who need a bit of robot TLC.


Essentially it’s the Tinder of sexual fantasy play with your partner. It provides you with sexual acts, desires and fantasies and all you have to do is swipe right or left if you’re up for that or not. You and your partner will only be notified if you’ve both swiped right on an act. It’s the ultimate way to avoid an ultimately awkward sexual conversation and positively learn more about what you both want in the bedroom.


Blewit is marketed as a “high-performance training product” for men. It’s designed to feel like the real deal for those who struggle with time management. Blewit comes with plenty of features but is completely discreet and looks more like a Bluetooth speaker than a solo sex toy. Performance anxiety can affect 1 in 3 men according to a study by the company, and Blewit is there to help boys become men. It’s essentially the bicycle stabiliser of the sex tech world, and thankfully, it has easy clean functionality.

Virtual reality porn

We’ve come a long way since Betamax, and with the advent of virtual reality goggles such as Oculus, porn directors everywhere are fluffing up for virtual reality porn. Becoming more immersed in pornography has been a goal for many and this takes POV films to a more realistic level. In its infancy, there may be a fine line between being turned on and getting VR sickness – let’s not hold out hope that we’ll be able to feel more intimate with our porn.
Here’s a video of people experiencing virtual reality porn for the first time:

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