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South-African based Skynamo hires Wildfire to deliver an integrated PR campaign for the UK market

Posted by Paula Fifield on 25th November 2018

Wildfire has been appointed by South-African based Skynamo to raise their company profile in the United Kingdom.

The primary goal of the project is to establish authority in the market place with targeted research campaign aimed at shedding light on trust issues for field sales representatives.

The Skynamo mobile-first platform introduces data on-the-go solutions to empower workers with data to elevate sales and buyer experiences to develop higher trust environments and relationships. The app tracks and analyses various sales activities like previous sales history, current product stock, pricing, and promotion information to cut useless admin and help sellers sell more.

Overall this approach will convert managers into coaches instead of micromanagers and gives field sales reps real-time access to all the information they could need to add value to customers.

Skynamo has integration into many of the top ERP and accounting packages like Sage, ACCPAC, iQ Retail, and Xero or is available as a stand-alone solution.

Brain Howe, UK Director, Skynamo said: “We were really impressed with Wildfire’s variety of media and knowledge of B2B tactics to reach the right journalist, with the right message, at the right time. The tenacity and creativity shown by their team matches our own and fits with our goals and values as a business, we look forward to partnering with Wildfire.”

Chris King, Agency Development Director at Wildfire, commented: “Skynamo’s goal is to bring trust and honesty to the forefront of field sales with technology that aims to help people, not hinder them. They are a talented group of professionals that seem to have found the unique balance of start-up innovation meets big corporation sophistication. Their unique trust proposition is the differentiator in the marketplace and one we hope to build on in the future.”

Paula Fifield

Paula began working with the agency in 2007 as Business Development Director and was appointed as a board director in 2011. Prior to Wildfire, Paula worked at Sun Microsystems, Orange and Morse Group in a range of marketing, customer relationship management and business development roles.