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Ready for kick off?

Posted by Kat Farminer on 16th May 2014

There are few events that get people all over the world into a frenzy quite like the World Cup. I mean what is not to like? Football, sunshine, national pride – it’s like the perfect summer holiday.

Aside from the chance for grown adults to wear face paint and slightly ill-fitting football shirts, there is also a huge opportunity for marketers to align their brand in the hope of achieving a blink of awareness from the millions of engaged consumers worldwide.

As I type we may still be 26 days away from the first kick in Brazil, but already the wonderful world of sports sponsorship has sprung into action and associated products have started to appear. Throughout the next month we are going to be keeping a close eye on the best consumer tech offerings and showcasing some of the best and wackiest from across the world, starting with the genius man’s best friend app:

Matchpint –

A dedicated app allowing users to find bars showing the matches, book tables, share info with mates and regain tale after tale of the good ol’ days when England used to progress past the group stages with ease.

Kat Farminer