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As a manufacturer of microcontrollers, XMOS has a niche audience of electronics engineers who use very specific keywords when researching products. Wildfire’s task was to understand this audience, identify those keywords, improve organic search rankings against those terms and, as a result, increase the amount of search traffic to

Our Approach

Wildfire undertook the process of better optimising the site for relevant search traffic in three stages.

Keyword research and competitor analysis

To help provide a benchmark for measuring success, we began by undertakinga top-line analysis of some of XMOS’ competitors’ and peers’ sites, revealing insights about the levels of traffic they were receiving and from which keywords.We then performed detailed keyword research and analysis to identify those keywords that were most popular and relevant, and mapped the performance of against those terms, while tracking how competitively other companies were optimising on the same keywords.

Full site audit and report

A full audit of the site was conducted, including analysis and recommendations for –

  • URL structure
  • Page titles and descriptions
  • Images
  • Meta keywords
  • H1 – H6 tags
  • Broken links
  • Duplicate content

A written report explained all findings of the audit to the client, alongside an analysis of current search volumes for landing pages and keywords, inbound links and recommendations for next steps and ongoing strategy.

Implementation and measurement

Wildfire then implemented all recommended onsite changes, ensuring the site was fully optimised and ‘search engine healthy’, ready for our ongoing PR programme, including the creation of authoritative content and links from relevant external sites.

The Results


increase in user visits through organic search in month 1


more traffic on by month three


page & position on Google results pages for target non-branded keywords

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