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Lascar Electronics

Lascar Electronics created PanelPilotACE, a new hardware and software display platform that enables the rapid development of fully customised industrial and commercial user interfaces and panel meters. PanelPilotACE’s combination of a multifunctional touch-screen colour display with simple drag-and-drop design software removes the need for any coding, cutting development time for even the most advanced displays by months.

Wildfire was brought in to launch PanelPilotACE – a new panel display that created a new product category in an established electronics market.

Our Approach

A campaign targeting the key trade media globally to create a ‘big bang’ of news coverage amongst electronics engineer audience. This was accomplished by:

Pre-pitched the launch to key media

Offered trial units to key journalists to get them ‘hands-on’ and experience the benefits of the product first hand

Ran a parallel thought leadership campaign through placed articles and guest blogs to promote the deeper rationale behind the creation of PanelPilotACE

“Wildfire has proven itself to be a knowledgable and trusted partner for our business. The team has a deep understanding of our sectors and our products and services which enables them to give us the support we need for our marketing efforts. It is a pleasure to work with them.” 

Rod Piwowarski
Group CEO

The Results


pieces of coverage across 6 regions, 30% tier 1 coverage


thought leadership and guest blog placements

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