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IS Decisions

IS Decisions is a provider of security management software solutions for Microsoft Windows and Active Directory-based infrastructure.

Based in France, IS Decisions works with the likes of the FBI, the United Nations and Barclays among many other companies and educational institutions across the world. IS Decisions helps these companies prevent security breaches with software designed to restrict and monitor user network activity. Restrictions and monitoring tools are essential for mitigating insider threat, achieving compliance with major regulations like SOX, FISMA and HIPAA, quickly responding to IT emergencies, and saving time and money for the IT department.

The challenge — selling software licences

Over the past two years, Wildfire had been working to position IS Decisions as a leader in tackling insider threat. Successful campaigns had centred around IT research, security personas and the future of internal security.

However, IS Decisions was facing an imbalance in its sales focus. Both its main products — FileAudit and UserLock — help IT administrators to better secure users on corporate networks, but FileAudit was selling much more quickly compared to UserLock, as a more complex product with a higher level of need in regulated enterprise. Our brief, therefore, was crystal clear: demonstrate UserLock’s value to help IS Decisions to sell more software licences.

The Solution

Between October 2015 and January 2016, Wildfire delivered a research-led campaign to address the topic of user security compliance within three verticals: healthcare, financial services and legal.
For each vertical, Wildfire produced a report based on research of employees across the US and the UK. Each report uncovered widespread non-compliance to industry body regulation or governmental law, and identified key areas companies can improve overall user security to address compliance. Each report included an interactive checklist for users to determine their own compliance, and was plotted as the journey of a user going from first day security training through to leaving the organisation.

Rather than taking the traditional content marketing route of publishing these reports in PDF format behind a data capture form, the information was fully accessible in interactive HTML format, which improved optimisation for search engines, and enabled IS Decisions to place clear calls to action within the content to download software trials.

Having the content readily accessible was essential in connecting the content to the sales process, because those searching for information are often in ‘buy mode’. A prospect who has downloaded a software trial is likely to be closer to purchase than one who has completed a data capture form to access content.

Wildfire launched each report with press releases to IT security and vertical-specific media targets across the UK and the US and provided further support through social media amplification and thought leadership articles.

Wildfire’s PR and content generation has been vital to the success of UserLock sales. High- quality research-lead reports, media coverage and thought leadership have helped build our visibility and credibility in new markets — and the results speak for themselves. The Wildfire team are great to work with.

Chris Bunn
Marketing director

The Results


year-on-year increase of UserLock trial downloads


unique website visitors to compliance content


pieces of coverage across IT security, healthcare, financial services, legal and national media


estimated coverage views


year-on-year growth in average visitor session


social shares


increase in overall sales

Onwards and upwards

The campaign is not designed to just stop after a set time. The research-led reports give IS Decisions the credibility to talk in the media about compliance, and quote stats directly from the reports for a significant period of time to come. Wildfire is still driving additional thought leadership opportunities and sourcing new comment opportunities for journalists’ upcoming features. Meanwhile the fully search engine-optimised content will grow in authority as it achieves new links, ranking in search results for potential prospects looking for content around security compliance.

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