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Wildfire worked with Ingenia between 2010 and 2014. The engagement began just as Ingenia started commercialising its patented Laser Surface Authentication (LSA) anti-counterfeiting technology that was spun out of Imperial College London.

The challenge

Wildfire was hired to:

  • Raise the profile of Ingenia’s unique LSA technology
  • Build Ingenia’s credibility as a vendor in the brand protection & anti-counterfeiting sectors
  • Drive sales enquiries for LSA

In addition to establishing a start up as a serious player in traditionally conservative and risk-averse markets, the key challenge for the PR campaign was getting around the sensitive nature of much of Ingenia’s work. Operating in such a highly secure industry limited the availability of Ingenia’s customers willing to take part in PR activity or case studies and the PR campaign had to navigate this challenge.

Our Approach

Wildfire conducted a phased campaign that grew over the course of the relationship with Ingenia.

The initial phase focused purely on promoting LSA as a ground breaking anti-counterfeiting technology, raising awareness of LSA as a technology and creating chances for Ingenia to highlight the main benefits of its unique covert approach to anti-counterfeiting. Wildfire targeted key horizontal media in the packaging, security and supply chain sectors with technical articles, introductory briefings and opinion pieces to generate regular high quality coverage.

Building on the initial phase Wildfire implemented a more sophisticated second phase to the campaign. This focused on establishing thought leadership platforms for Ingenia – providing opportunities for key spokespeople to talk about bigger picture issues surrounding anti-counterfeiting and building the Ingenia’s credibility as a new company. Wildfire targeted a much broader range of media targets, including brand and business publications, as well as a variety of vertical media covering luxury goods, pharmaceuticals and secure documents.

  • Case studies with key intermediary partners – for example with manufacturing partner CARTONDRUCK in the luxury goods sector
  • Running bespoke surveys and compiling industry reports – both in specific sectors like secure documents, but also more generally to reach a brand-level audience
  • Wildfire established a blog on Ingenia’s website as a thought leadership outlet – both to share directly with Ingenia’s customers and to provide fresh content for media
  • Comment and viewpoints tailored for specific vertical sectors

Due to the excellent PR, we have product trials and conversations happening with several tier one prospective customers, plus several potential partners contacting us too, so everything is great, but chaotic!


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