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Danwood is the UK’s largest independent reseller of managed print and document-centric solutions. It currently has a market share of seven per cent, 17,500 customers across UK and Ireland, and revenue at least three times that of its nearest competitor. Yet, due to historic management issues in the business, and subsequent accounting weaknesses, Danwood had developed a negative reputation amongst customers and the wider market, which competitors were using to their advantage. A new CEO, fresh senior team and business restructure heralded a new era for Danwood, but there was a lot of work to do to overturn negative perceptions in the market.

Our Approach

  • Develop messaging that moved the company away from traditional “box-shifter” image and towards a future-ready business, well equipped to help businesses excel in the digital age
  • Create a thought leadership platform to support this vision
  • Wildfire developed and launched Workplace of the Future positioning and story, building on the CEO’s vision
  • Demonstrate positive turnaround and new messaging to customers through annual financial highlights report
  • Flood the market, and internet, with positive news stories
  • Build credibility with “on message” customer stories and industry accolades

Transforming the reputation of a 40-year old business with 17,500 customers is no easy task, and we still have a long way to go. However, Wildfire has created a platform from which we are able to re-launch Danwood’s future focus, while overturning negative perceptions within the media and channel market through a hard-working and positive PR campaign.


The Results

Messaging, strategy and content delivered for a new corporate website

Launched research-led content “Workplace of the Future” piece based on interviews with 500 UK SMEs

Generated consistently positive coverage for 12 months, including a half-page profile in the Sunday Times and the ever-sceptical The Register

Transformed online reputation by driving down older negative stories with positive news

Won the CRN specialist reseller of the year award 2014

Altered perception of company from a “photocopier reseller” to a print and document-centric solutions business

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