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Over the decade that Wildfire worked with CSR, the international PR campaign needed to constantly evolve in terms of its structure and messaging in order to keep pace with CSR’s changing objectives, as it has grown, diversified its technology expertise, and acquired and integrated other brands.

Our Approach

In the start up days the primary need was to ensure CSR was positioned alongside its main competitors and that its technology proposition was seen as credible by key OEMs. Wildfire worked with CSR to push an aggressive campaign of customer, partner and third party endorsements to successfully prove that CSR and its technology should be taken seriously by the industry.

As CSR’s international PR needs grew globally, Wildfire was there to support. Wildfire introduced CSR to a shortlist of hand-pickedinternational PR agencies in Japan and assisted in the final selection. Following that, EML Wildfire managed this relationship, a relationship with a US PR agency, and later helped CSR to select agencies in Taiwan, China, Korea and India.

Wildfire was assigned the management of these international PRagencies, ensuring global message consistency, consolidated single-point of contact and reporting. Wildfire also took responsibility for generating all of CSR’s international PR material to meet opportunities generated by local agencies.

In recent times there has been a growing strategic drive within CSR to influence the end consumer and create pull through for its technology. CSR’s business-to-business trade campaign is now enhanced with complementary high level media outreach.

Over the 10 years, Wildfire played its part in CSR's evolution from UK start up to leading global player in the semiconductor industry. As our objectives have evolved, technologies diversified and geographic boundaries widened Wildfire made sure our PR has delivered the results we needed and was a valued source of strategic advice. The Wildfire team's understanding of our business and technology, professionalism, flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile made them a trusted extension of my own in house team.

Julie Minter
Senior Director

The Results


international agencies managed


global press mentions every month

How we performed

  • CSR maintained a position as an industry and thought leader in wireless and location technology
  • CSR is recognised as the UK’s most successful semiconductor company and has built a strong brand in Europe, USA and Asia
  • CSR was widely covered by the business and gadget media over the last 18 months including Wall Street Journal Europe, T3, Pocket-Lint, Engadget and TechEye
  • CSR achieved over 200 global press mentions every month

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