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Reputation management

Reputation has never been more important to a business. Traditionally simply doing a good job would be enough to earn a positive reputation, yet today businesses are judged on the way they communicate, they way they behave and sometimes the amplified voice of a single rogue customer that had an unfortunate experience.

From what appears when people search for you online, to what they find when they hit your social media profile, Wildfire can help you manage your reputation.

Knowing when to chat to a journalist and when to keep it short and snappy is essential but that only comes with experience and good media knowledge.

Juliet Philip

Transforming the reputation of a 40-year old business with 17,500 customers is no easy task, and we still have a long way to go. However, Wildfire has created a platform from which we are able to re-launch Danwood’s future focus, while overturning negative perceptions within the media and channel market through a hard-working and positive PR campaign.


Customers buy from companies they like. If your company needs a little more love, start a relationship with Wildfire.

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