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Insight is the vital starting point for any integrated campaign and it’s vital your agency really gets under the skin of your business, your industry and your target customers.

Wildfire’s messaging workshop takes a deep dive into your business to build up the right picture of your communication priorities and needs. The end result being we carefully craft your organisation’s vision, mission, brand positioning statements and message matrix, focussing on messages that resonate with your key audiences, their pain points and needs.
All this insight and messaging goes on to inform our campaigns and ensuring that you’re always saying the right things, to the right people at the right time.

The term PR is so commonly misunderstood. PR isn’t just media relations, it is so much more – it is about putting across a clear message to the right audience, via the right channels and doing it in a manner that makes it as visible and engaging as possible.

Richard Parker

We needed something to get attention ahead of Mobile World Congress, something that would showcase our expertise without compromising our integrity or coming across as too lightweight. EML Wildfire proposed the idea of the Wireless manifesto and then worked with us to interview our experts and pull the content together. The result is a document that has not only generated some great PR results, but some genuine business leads and interest from some of the biggest names in the telecoms industry.

Rupert Baines CMO at Real Wireless

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