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Influencer relations


At the heart of any PR company is the concept of influence. In order to shape and direct conversations you must work with the people that start them. Sometimes those are traditional journalist sources but increasingly conversations are becoming more niche and dispersed. The role of today’s PR company is to in understand how opinion spreads and moves through a connected society. Influence nowadays can be anything from the traditional column inch to a retweet.

Finding and targeting influencers has always been a core part of the PR service mix. Wildfire can work with you to establish the right influencers, manage your relationship with them and measure the impact of results.

The OrganOx metra is a genuinely ground-breaking piece of equipment and we were keen to get due recognition for our role in its development in amongst the inevitable noise that the announcement was going to make. Wildfire’s expertise and proactive media relations approach ensured that we were able to pre-brief a number of key journalists and secure a number of high level pieces of coverage that we simply wouldn’t have achieved otherwise - promoting our team’s remarkable technical achievement to the broadest possible audience.


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