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There are hundreds of factors that influence the ranking authority of a page or website. Link building is one dominant factor that underpins Wildfire’s SEO service. However, as search engines become smarter, SEO is far less about tricks and formulas. Instead the emphasis has rightly shifted back towards PR ethics. Good content, well produced and relevant to the audience. This is the content that will return good engagement data to Google. This is the content that will be shared by your prospects and linked to from relevant websites. Wildfire has extensive experience in SEO, both from the traditional mathematical approach and more significantly from the modern quality driven approach.

Paid media amplification strategies require a different mindset and an agile approach to deployment.

Chris King

Paid amplification

The churn rate of digital content can be a challenge for companies looking for lasting exposure. News coverage in the physical world can mean days or weeks of prime placement but online this can mean just minutes. A paid approach to promotion can be the answer, not just to combat the news cycle but also to amplify content that matters. Search engines, social media channels and popular websites have platforms that will enable you to pay for placement of your content to ensure your stories and messages can gain the exposure they need to be effective. Wildfire has a team of experts that know precisely where, when and what to spend in order to achieve the visibility you require.

Content marketing

Consumers have become increasingly blind to traditional forms of advertising. From ad blockers in browsers to skipping adverts on our smart TVs, marketers know they can’t simply buy eyeballs, they must earn them.

Content marketing tackles precisely that. It’s about creating content that people want to see. It is advertising that justifies its existence to the viewer as part of a consensual relationship.

Wildfire succeeds at content marketing by identifying the right audience, and what content will provide value to them.

Wildfire took us from an unknown in the UK market to a leading authority on online promotions in three months. The content they created not only gave us visibility in the media, it created potential sales and helped us solidify our messaging and market position.

Laura Laamanen CMO

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