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Brand platform development

In competitive tech markets, brands can struggle to get their message across with traditional PR tactics. Our brand development process breeds bold, insight-driven stories that articulate where your business’s “best self” meets the real world, providing an inspiring direction for your PR, marketing and wider brand position.

Social setup and training

For companies committed to their social media presence, the biggest costs are the time of their staff who manage the channels  and the opportunity costs of getting it wrong. For both of these reasons it’s critical to know that you are doing it right. Like investing in a map before you set out on a journey, our help and guidance can ensure that the time you invest in this process will yield the most benefit for your organisation.

Influencer audits

Audiences and attention are far more widely dispersed than ever thanks to the internet. PR has always been about targeting your engagement to ensure maximum impact from your activities and never has this been more true than with a PR influenced approach to your digital strategy. Wildfire can help you apply those traditional concepts around reach and influence to the modern landscape of interconnected self publishing.

Influencer engagements

Once you’ve identified who you should be targeting to spread your messages, the next step is developing a strategy to engage with that source and ensure and deliver the exposure you want. The key to success is in understanding the motivations of your influencers. How can you align their objectives with your own and provide something of value to both parties? The very essence of PR is in looking at relationships in this way and Wildfire build greater success with your influencers.

Social selling

Your potential investors, clients, customers – even employees and colleagues all operate on social media. They learn from each other socially and rely increasingly on these networks to find content and ideas. The process of developing relationships on social channels as part of the sales process is vital for business success and today this can take place anywhere from LinkedIn to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and even Instagram. Wildfire can develop and implement a social selling strategy that helps share your ideas, establish your credibility, secure funding, attract talent and win customers.

Wildfire impressed me with its knowledge of our market and shared ambition and passion for our business. The team created a compelling brand narrative, bringing a content-led approach to communications that truly added value across the marketing mix.

Tom Pressley EMEA marketing director

If you are ready to hold meaningful conversations with your customers, have one with Wildfire’s social team first.

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